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Benefits under the Caribbean Export – Post Covid Management Recovery Program continue for FDLPCS Clients

In keeping with their mission statement ‘To safeguard people, their possessions, and our environment, FDL Pest Control Solutions Ltd embarked on a project aimed at improving their process management and purpose driven technology when they were successful in attaining the 2021 Caribbean Export Grant- Post Covid Management Recovery.

The thrust towards environment safety has been a staple in the entity’s agenda from the onset, as was evident in them emerging winner of the Green Award at the Saint Lucia Business Awards 2015 which was hosted by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

Achievements noted from the Caribbean Export Grant- Post Covid Management Recovery’s   implementation included: Computer upgrades, A Digital Marketing Campaign and the creation of a virtual store accommodating E-commerce.

 The first success was upgrade of the compliment of Computers utilized by its employees for daily operations and efficient service delivery to clients. This was quite timely as it enhanced the communication with clients during the curfews and lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Well-timed communication inclusive of exchanges via digital platforms was crucial, given the nature of the service on offer, where pest proliferation was highly likely if unattended in a timely manner.  

As the education of clientele in pest management  remained high on the agenda of   the company,  platforms for information sharing  including  details of the company’s services were also made available via Digital Marketing on social media platforms and had been extended by the introduction of live chat features such as what is available via the website

This resulted in the ready availability of information in the absence of accessing face-to-face interaction (during curfews and lockdowns), traditionally available at the company offices. This saw the improvement in brand awareness and increased flow of website traffic. 

 Another notable output of project undertaken, includes the virtual store feature which ensures unlimited access to product information. With the understanding that some pests could be managed by residents under proper pest management guidelines and appropriate pesticide use guidelines, over the counter pesticides have been made available to the public. 

The virtual store has therefore resulted in the expansion of the Do-it-yourself Market. The significance here is the awareness of modifications to the market, as FDLPCS adapts to the rapidly changing needs and preferences of customers.

 An added feature of the site, is the ability to accept online payments, increasing opportunities for conducting sales and providing the additional payment platform to locally and internationally based buyers.  

The company has flagged IPM education and proper pesticide use and education as considerable part of their revised agenda. Therefore, the increased communication channels, including digital platforms will enhance opportunities to service and educate the community forming part of the long-term impact received under the project!

Lubin notes that “As much as the company should be commended for the strides made, inspiring clients and the wider community to act is crucial for success in pest management to be attained. This will be accomplished when the community adopts best practices of IPM, especially noting the increased risks associated with poor pesticide service”. 

Lubin continues “It is our hope that our standards and approach to continuous improvement will be shared across the industry. FDL Pest Control Solutions is eager to continue its efforts in require areas to enhance the standards for Pest Management in St. Lucia.”

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